Xgazer Optics YV Bird Watching Grip Scope, Wide View Monocular Great for Bird Watching, Hunting and Surveillance, Clear View Handheld Telescope, Cloth, Neck Strap & Case are included

Product description

Do you imagine having a high-quality surveillance Monocular telescope to bring your views and objects closer and clearer for your outdoor activities, such as bird watching, camping, traveling shooting and much more? This high definition Monocular spy telescope is the best choice you should have to enjoy full view and greater magnification with high-quality light transmission and brightness for crystal clear beauty. It comes with a Retractable Eyecup, a pouch to help in carrying, Neck strap and belt for looping.

With this 6x power scopes, you can enjoy an easier one hand grip operation with no tripod telescope stand required before utilizing. Due to its ideal body size, it can withstand shake and jitter and falls to continue giving the best optical experience of up to 1000 yards away. It’s also designed with a long lasting armor even to withstand the toughest weather conditions for you.

Product Features

  • High-quality monocular microscope lens: to help you gain a full and high-definition optical brightness and clear viewing from a standpoint range
  • Comfort Grip: build in such a way for easy grip and to withstand shake even in one hand operation of monoculars
  • Usage Versatility: monocular vision best used for outdoor activities such as sporting events, concerts, bird watching, camping, fishing, traveling and target shooting and much more, just with one hand operating.
  • Features included: Retractable Eyecup you can use when with Eyeglasses or not. A pouch to support your carrying, Neck Strap, maintenance cloth piece and belt for looping
  • Capable of offering you 6 x magnifications and 30mm objective diameter with Field view of 180m/81000m and front and back adjustable zoom.

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