VMAX800S AGM Deep Cycle Battery Replacement for Amigo ETX 350 12V 28Ah Wheelchair Battery

Heavy duty AGM battery made with special plates and top of the line plate separators giving these batteries superior performance and unmatched deep cycle capabilities.
AGM Electrolyte Suspension System.
Custom Built Military Grade Alloys.
Fast Charge Delivery Capabilities.
Extremely Low Self Discharge Rate.
Safe to use in small areas; no spills, no toxic fumes.
Extreme Vibrations, Heat and Weather resistant.
Sealed Non-Spillable Non Hazardous Construction.
Maximum Power Density and Deep Cycle Capabilities.
VMAX batteries have 99% gas recombination capabilities.
Maintenance free Operation – Other than the periodical surface cleaning and tightening posts.
bargainshore is VMAXTANKS Amazon Authorized seller. Beware of cheaper offers made by sellers using this listing to ship other than VMAX batteries.

Product Features

  • 1-L=6.5″ W=6.9″ H=5″. Screw in post Terminal. Float Service Life span of 5 to 8 years.
  • 2-Superior custom built Military Grade Alloys. Maintenance free. No dangerous toxic gas release.
  • 3-Sealed Non Spill able Non Hazardous Construction. Approved for air, ground and maritime transportation.
  • 4-Warranty applies only if sold by an Authorized Seller. Amazon Authorized seller: bargainshore.
  • 5-goto http://www.amazon.com/shops/bargainshore for VMAXTANKS categorized offers, selection and more savings on package deals for two or more batteries.

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