Vixen 2604 R130Sf Telescope

This lightweight 5” reflector is a favorite of many new astronomers because it features remarkable light gathering with sharp images for its price and size. With a standard 20mm Plőssl, more than the entire moon fills the eyepiece. You’ll view innumerable star clusters and dark clouds, not to mention nebulas and galaxies. Add a 32mm and the heavens open up with a remarkable 2.5 degree field of view! All of the stars in the Pleiades can be viewed at the same time. The visual observer will enjoy wide views of deep sky objects. Actual groups of nebula or clusters can be viewed at the same time with this instrument.The R130Sf comes standard with the 6 x 30 finder and dovetail tube plate that fits very well on all the Vixen mounts. This is a scope you can start with on a basic user-friendly Porta Mount and later move up to one of our electronic mounts such as the Skypod or Sphinx.

Product Features

  • Lightweight and easy to mount
  • Sharp images with high-quality light-gathering technology
  • Standard 20mm Plossl allows wide views of deep sky objects
  • 130mm aperture

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