VIVITAR 500mm/1000mm f/8.0 Mirror Lens with 2x DOUBLER for Nikon Mount -film or digital

Vivitar Series-1 500mm f/8.0 Mirrored Reflex Lens.
Incredibly versatile lens with powerful telephoto and extreme Macro too.

INCLUDED WITH THIS AD is the Vivitar 2x DOUBLER that attaches to the rear of the lens and Doubles your Focal Length to an astounding 1000mm!
The Mirror Reflex Lens uses both Reflex Optics and Refraction Optics resulting in sharp picture quality with minimal Color Aberration. It has no diaphragm, but instead has a fixed Aperture of f/8.0. It’s special design allows it to be ultra compact. It weighs much less than a traditional 500mm lens.

–Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Construction (total weight of 12.1oz/343g)
–Super Spectra Coating helps eliminate flare and internal reflections
–Economical 30.5mm Rear Mount Filter System
–3 Filters are included: 2x Neutral Density, 4x Neutral Density, Skylight 1A
–MACRO Function: Focus as close as 5-1/2ft and get 1:2.7 ratio
–Diameter of 3in, Length of 3-11/16in (close) to 4-3/8in (infinity)

DEMO photos were taken from the same spot using a Nikon dSLR (ISO 200, speed of 1/350).
Adding the 2x Doubler will get twice as close!

The Mirror Reflex Lens attaches to your camera using a T-Mount Adapter (included). Adapters can be purchased for other camera makes as well.
PLEASE NOTE: This lens is Manual Focus only, and since there is NO aperture adjustment, exposure is controlled completely by your camera’s shutter speed and ISO selection.

This is a very powerful lens. You will need a solid tripod to get good results. Take your time in setting up a shot (the Moon would be an excellent subject), carefully focus, and use your camera’s remote and/or time delay to avoid camera shake.

Product Features

  • 500mm Mirrored Telephoto Lens with MACRO function for Nikon cameras
  • Includes 2x DOUBLER creating a 1000mm Super Telephoto
  • Includes T-Mount Adapter for Nikon
  • Very compact and lightweight. Includes 3 Screw-On Filters

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