Vivitar 40 Piece Microscope Set

Vivitar microscopes are made of the finest materials and with the best optics to ensure that you get precise answers and solutions to all your endeavors. The MIC-2 is equipped with all the necessities of a microscope. It has collecting vials, plastic slide covers, adjustable lenses and collecting lamps. This is a great beginner level biological microscope with advanced features. The electric illuminator provides direct control of light. A mechanical stage is standard equipment with knobs controlling both axes for easy centering of specimen slides. This set is great for beginning scientists.

Product Features

  • Promotionally priced 40-piece magnfier set.
  • 3 Magnifications;300x, 600x, and up to an enormous 1200x power.
  • 20 pieces- Includes 5 prepared, 7 blank glass slides, interchangeable eyepieces, beakers, dye and hard shell carry case.
  • Large easy-turn rotary focusing knob and high-quality Vivitar optics.
  • Educational, fun at the same tim and high-quality. Great for science projects, school science lab and exploration.
  • 300x, 600x and 1200x Magnifications
  • Built-in light for direct illumination (uses 2 AA batteries, not included) Reflecting mirror for natural ilumination
  • Shrimp Hatchery for Grow and Observe your own shrimp, Specimen Slicer for Create your own slides with items from around your home.

3 Comments on “Vivitar 40 Piece Microscope Set”

  1. J. Ryjewski

    Junk My son got the Refractor Telescope/ 300x/600x/1200x Microscope Set as a birthday gift. There are already several accurate reviews of the ridiculously junky telescope, so I thought I’d share a review of the ridiculously junky microscope. Where to start… the stage does not have metal clips to hold the slides; there are plastic edges that are supposed to tighten against the edges of the slide if you place it on the stage vertically instead of horizontally. Any slight nudge will bump/pop the slide right out. The slide covers are round white stickers- not sure how they could function as covers. The specimen slide isn’t labeled and it’s not easy to tell what it is so it’s anyone’s guess what you’re looking at, if you can find it. The instructions that come with the telescope are for some other model. Our tweezers were missing when we opened the package. And, most importantly, the magnification and visibility is absolutely terrible. If I could give it no stars, I would. And to the reviewer who said this was good for kids, WRONG. It isn’t good for anyone, and any price is too high for this- it belongs in the garbage.

  2. Rudy Rivera

    Bad microscope This is one of the worst microscopes ever. I could not even see a thing and the light stopped working the first day. It looked used.Cheap plastic stuff.The lens is plastic also.

  3. ben p

    Poor quality ! This item was made very poorly will not focus the plastic optics make everything you look have a rainbow effect. Not Recommended.

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