Ullman 2-3/8″ LED Light Inspection Mirror

Includes two lithium batteries.

Product Features

  • 2-3/8 LED lighted inspection mirror illuminates dark areas for perfect inspection.
  • All-angle ball joint holds the lighted mirror head firmly at any angle.
  • Stainless steel hand telescopes from 6-3/4″ to 37″.
  • Cushion handle grip

2 Comments on “Ullman 2-3/8″ LED Light Inspection Mirror”

  1. Timothy B. Riley

    I don’t know about other applications but it’s great for geocaching! Geocaching is a hobby that involves people hiding containers somewhere, posting their coordinates (and description) on the internet and then reviewing the posts of people who either found them or who tried to and did not. It requires a GPS receiver and the use of a computer. Almost a million “caches” have been hidden on all seven continents. It is really a fun reason to get outdoors and another thing to do while traveling.Although “geocachers” range in age from the very young to the very old, many of those that participate have trouble bending, squatting and stooping. Since a lot of caches are placed under things this often creates problems for some of us and adds discomfort to what should be an enjoyable hobby.Enter the Ullman Lighted Inspection Mirror. With it’s lighted mirror and extendable arm I can easily look under lighting control boxes, guard rails and bushes (all places caches are routinely hidden) without feeling like I’m doing deep-knee bends in gym class. When other goecachers see me using my inspection mirror they are blown away. First they ask where I got it, how much it cost and will I sell it to them? It folds into a very compact package and is easy to store. This well made item should be in every geocacher’s backpack.

  2. ABQ

    Lighted inspection mirror Overall works pretty well however the lamp seems to be in the wrong spot for optimal illumination. I think it would work better if the lamp was placed at the bottom of the mirror rather than the top since it would reflect the light from the mirror to the object you are trying to view. The mirror head is a little bulky making it a bit tougher to insert in tight areas. A remote mechanism for adjusting the mirror would be a great addition. For the money it is a good value and a useful item for ones toolbox.

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