Twinstar EclipseFINDER 70mm Refractor Solar Eclipse Telescope, Silver

Now that we’ve added the solar filter, you can get even more out of this best seller! If you’re looking for an entry-level telescope that does it all, you’ve come to the right place. This incredibly balanced telescope is ideal for watching the Eclipse, space viewing, and daytime observing. Most entry level scopes at this price point are 60mm or smaller. But with a larger 70mm aperture this telescope has a third more light gathering power than smaller scopes. The fully coated achromatic 70mm primary objective lens is maintenance free and ready to use right out of the box. With a 700mm focal length combined with 3 include eyepieces and a 2x Barlow lens, you’ll enjoy a magnification range of 35x to 350x. That makes this telescope ideal for just about any observing application. The included high-quality film solar filter fits over the end of your scope and fastens with a thumbscrew so you can safely observe solar flares, sun spots, and eclipses. The .002″ filter blocks 99.999% of sunlight and has an ND5 rating. The aluminum tripod is fully adjustable and allows even taller people to observe the stars without having to crouch down in an uncomfortable position. A handy accessory tray on the tripod makes it easy to keep track of extra eyepieces. The equatorial mount is designed to move in any direction — making it possible to track the movements of stars as the track across the night sky. Use the declination circle, hour circle and latitude scale in conjunction to quickly locate any celestial body. Thanks to precision worm gears and a substantial counter weight, the telescope can be balanced so that the slightest finger touch turn of the flexi cables will move the telescope in any direction with a smooth, steady motion.

Product Features

  • Solar Filter for safe viewing of the sun and eclipse – Adult Supervision Required
  • 70mm fully coated, achromatic objective lens and 700 mm f10 focal length
  • 45 degree angle prism — images are seen right-side up
  • 4mm, 10mm & 20mm Eyepieces & 2x Barlow Lens included
  • Full Size Tripod — Step-by-step color photo online assembly guide

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