The Nuts and Bolts of Astrophotography: Hardware, Software & Images

I began this effort with simple curiosity about what’s “up there”. It turns out that there are lots of things up there, and it takes a good amount of effort and resources to view and photograph them. The first goal was to find the best telescope for my needs and budget. As I gained experience it became clear that in order to truly reveal those deep space objects I needed more hardware, lots of it, and a process to locate and photograph the things. That involved setting up a permanent observatory with lots of peripheral devices and software. Once the camera images appeared there were many more questions about how to improve the photography and processing steps. I wrote this book to document the knowledge I gained, the hardware and software configurations that I ended up with, along with more than 160 photographs of what’s “up there” with descriptions. This book is intended for beginners who want to learn the basics of deep space viewing and astrophotography. The contents identify and describe the components which are necessary for a personal observatory. Methods of observation are discussed including the software tools and procedures used for imaging of deep space objects, and the processing steps used to get the best results from the raw images. All images were acquired using the hardware, software, and methods described in this book.

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