Terra Kids Telescope Monocular

Magnifying 10 times. Material: case of synthetic, rubber coated, bag of neoprene with mini compass and aluminium snap link.

Product Features

  • Rugged and Sturdy
  • Explore Nature, Plant Life, Animals
  • Perfect for Camping or Hiking
  • Lightweight
  • Clips Easily to Belt, Packpack or Pocket

3 Comments on “Terra Kids Telescope Monocular”

  1. Anonymous

    My son saw this telescope in boutique store. It was twice the price of the one I bought on Amazon so I didn’t buy it. However, he continued to tell me over and over he wanted one and finally 6 months later we bought him this.He loves it! He received it for his 7th birthday and used it at an overnight with the cub scouts at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The Telescope really works and he was able to see the sea lions on the post about 150 yards away as if they were close up. He loves to carry this on his belt loop and keep it close. It has held up well and the case is sturdy too. It did have slight ripping in the threading of the enclosure after he wore it every day even to bed. Still giving this 5 stars because the joy in his eyes at having it is worth the money and the rip!Great telescope for kid.

  2. Anonymous

    My son actually got this about a year ago and it got played with so much that it has been lost (probably left at a playground) some many months ago. He (we) had so much fun with it that I will probably order another one for this next birthday. Great toy!

  3. Anonymous

    This toy seemed initially to be fun. What you can see with it, however, is quite limited as to distance and clarity. Children soon tire of it.

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