Telescope for kids Educational Kids Science Telescope for Beginners 3 Magnification Eyepieces and Tripod Enjoy Steady Observation of Astronomy By EMallee

★ To explore the mysterious nature and space with the telescope!
★ This nature exploration toy is capable of catching the image of stars and planets.
★ The easy-to-use telescope is one of the best choices to introduce your kids to the wanderful and mysterious space.
★ This discovery kids telescope is great for looking at the MOON. It’s easy to get the look of MAIN LUNAR CRATERS and DISTINCTIVE FEATURES OF LUNAR SURFACE.
★ Observing birds and animals in a distance with the children telescope is easy, interesting and joyful.

How to use
► Open the tripod.
► Screw the telescope on the tripod.
► Insert the eyepiece.
► Point and view.
► You could adjust the focus length to control the image size.

About EMallee Refined Telescope
✔ Three different magnification Eyepieces: 20X, 30X, 40X
✔ Objective: objective diameter 60mm
✔ Focus adjustor: Focuse Length 170mm
✔ Lens cover & eyepiece cover
✔ Tripod, ratatable angle: 360°
✔ Drawtube
✔ Reflector
✔ View angle adjustor
✔ Compass
✔ This telescope is super light-weight.

AGE 6+
Tested according to international standards.

Do not observe the sun directly through the telescope.
The telescope could be enhanced by changing the magnification.
The telescope is not able to seize the vision of the stars in a far distance.
The view of scenery is normally applicable.
Careful use and regular maintenance is necessary.

CHOCKING HAZARD: not for children under 3 years.

Product Features

  • EASY-SET-UP & EASY-TO-USE:install within 3 minutes and loosen the screws to adjust angle and tighten it when you find your best angle.
  • Magnifications: 20X 30X 40X. This telescope brings kids a more generalized picture of nature.
  • Lightweigt Table-top Tripod: Make the observation more steady and firm with the design of umbrella shape during observation.
  • This kids telescope is a HEAD START for kids in learning about the nature and the universe.Promotes your kids’ curiousity and exploration pleasure.
  • This kids telescope is a great gift for the young astronomers with a gateway to the nature and universe. Reliable and friendly customer service promised.

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