Silver TwinStar 4.5″ Reflector Telescope With 3.0MP Telescope Camera

Rich-Field 4.5 Inch Newtonian Reflector Telescope. This 4.5″ scope boasts a short 500mm focal length and a super-fast F/4.4 F-ratio, making it an extremely powerful instrument for wide-field and deep space astronomy. With its tremendous light-gathering power, you can observe fabulous nebulae, galaxies, binary star systems and most of the famed deep space Messier objects in dark skies. You can … Read More

Twinstar SunSeeker 60mm Compact Refractor Solar Eclipse Telescope, Pink

Are you looking for a way to safely observe the Eclipse up-close with the whole family? This scope is so easy there’s no instructions. Pop open the tripod. Screw the telescope on the tripod. Attach the finder scope, insert eyepiece. Point. Look. That’s why we love recommending this telescope for kids and families, because it is a snap to put … Read More