18″ Solid Brass Spyglass Telescope Handmade Collectibles Victorian By Nauticalmart

This is a quality maritime brass 18in telescope 4 fold spyglass telescope. The telescope is inset with superior optical Lenses to deliver a magnification of 10x. An extendable sun visor blocks reflections from the waters surface. The spyglass measures 18 inches when fully extended and collapses to a compact 5.25 inches. Ideal for using on boats, hiking trips, bird watching … Read More

Explore Scientific FL-DOB0806-01 First light Solid Tube Dobsonian, 8″, White

FirstLight 8″ Solid Tube Dobsonian with 1218mm focal length f/6; 2.5″ Hexagonal focuser; Red-dot Finder; Alt/Az Rocker Box. OTA can be use on EQ mount with optional Vixen style dovetail. Tube weighs 25.3 lbs.; Rocker box weighs 21 lbs.; total weight of 46.3 lbs. Product Features 1218mm focal length F/6 with 2.5 inch hexagonal focuser Can be Use on eq … Read More

Solid Brass Brown Antique Spyglass Telescope- 15 inch Long

The telescope is modeled after older style scopes. It can be focused by fully extending the entire body of the telescope, then slowly contracting and expanding the eyepiece portion only. Item Specification Product Type-Spy Glass Telescope, Total Length -15in when fully extended This maritime brass 16in telescope 3 fold is a quality reproduction of an antique brass spyglass telescope. The … Read More

Nauticalmart Deluxe Class Solid Brass – Wood Scout’s Spyglass Telescope 9″

The 9″ spyglass is shipped in a beautiful felt-lined, brass-inlaid hardwood case. The box is crafted from smooth hardwood, with a gloss finish, and features brass side inlets on all sides with the Hampton Nautical solid brass anchor-with-rope logo on the top. Product Features 3X Magnification Glass optics for a clear view (not plastic lenses) This is a quality reproduction … Read More

J. Scott London Spyglass Royal Telescope Pirate Solid Brass & Real Leather

9″ Brass J.Scott Telescope with Case: This telescope is made from brass and comes with a leather handle. The telescope will magnify far away objects and landscapes with a clear image. The scope extends to a full 9 and can retract to fit into its own leather case. The telescope is modeled after older style scopes. It can be focused … Read More