Astromania Deluxe Solar Filter 100mm Adjustable Metal Cap for Telescope Tubes with Outer Diameter from 70mm To 92mm Aperture 75mm – Immediately Start Solar Observing and Our Sun becomes “Within Reach”

The sun is our central star, from which we live. That alone should be reason enough to observe it even more closely. The new Astromania solar filters let you do that easily and above all safely and are specially tailored to your telescope.Do you want a solar filter which does not involve any DIY? One which you can simply push … Read More

Deluxe Nautical Pirate Boat Brass Spyglass With Functional Optical Zooms & Genuine Rosewood Storing Case Anchor Emblem Inlaid | Nagina International (32 Inches, Antique Brass (W/ Box))

Admiral’s Premium Quality Nautical 32″ Spyglass/Telescope is a great piece of decor and yet functional gift for a nautical navigator or admirer. The spyglass measures 32 inches when unfolded or expanded fully. The nautical antique spyglass features four foldable tubes with a magnification of 15x. The Nautical Antique Spyglass features an admirable antique black finish which is even more beautiful … Read More

20 Deluxe Large Assorted Rock Climbing Holds

20 Assorted Rock Climbing Holds for KidsThe ideal addition as swing set accessories and jungle gym accessories. Can also be used for building your very own rock climbing wall in your backyard.This is a 20 piece set of plastic rock climbing holds can be used on an indoor rock climbing wall. Whether you are adding on to an existing play … Read More

Nauticalmart Deluxe Class Solid Brass – Wood Scout’s Spyglass Telescope 9″

The 9″ spyglass is shipped in a beautiful felt-lined, brass-inlaid hardwood case. The box is crafted from smooth hardwood, with a gloss finish, and features brass side inlets on all sides with the Hampton Nautical solid brass anchor-with-rope logo on the top. Product Features 3X Magnification Glass optics for a clear view (not plastic lenses) This is a quality reproduction … Read More

Astromania Finder Deluxe Telescope Reflex Sight

The versatile Finder Deluxe Telescope Reflex Sight will help you take your telescope in new directions! Perfect for use during the night and daytime, the Finder Deluxe sight features both a red LED for nighttime aiming and a brighter green LED for aiming in twilight and most daylight conditions. Reflex sights are popular thanks to the intuitive, non-magnified method they … Read More

Orion 5825 Deluxe 6-Piece Optics Cleaning Kit

This compact kit contains everything you need to care for and preserve the optical surfaces of your telescope, binoculars, eyepieces, and accessories. All items come packaged in a handy, snap-shut plastic storage case. Kit includes Ultra Brush dust remover, VariAir 2000 Compressed Air, Multi-Coated optics cleaning fuid, two booklets of premium-grade lens tissue and ten cotton swabs. Get the Orion … Read More

Deluxe Telescope Camera Adapter Kit for Pentax K SLR / DSLR – Prime Focus and Adjustable Projection – Accepts 1.25″ Eyepieces

Gosky Deluxe Telescope Camera Adapter Kit for Pentax K SLR/DSLR – – Prime Focus and Adjustable Projection – Fits Standard 1.25″ Telescopes – Accepts 1.25″ Eyepieces – Fits the Following Cameras: K-x, K-r, K-01, K-30, K20D, K200D, K2000, K1000 Included in this kit: a variable eyepiece projection adapter , a bayonet ring to fit Pentax K DSLRs, a universal M42 … Read More

Astromania DeLuxe Dovetail Plate Dovetail Rail with 228 mm length – Vixen Style – you can easily balance the telescope by shifting

This Astromania DeLuxe Dovetail Bar is suitable even for heavy telescopes where simple profile bars start to vibrate. Through the smooth side profile, you can easily balance the telescope by shifting. The dovetail bar fits to: – Vixen GP and SX mounts – Skywatcher EQ3 to EQ5 and H-EQ5 – several Vixen level saddle plates photo tripods (via the 1/4″ … Read More

AstroStreet 60mm Multi-Use Deluxe Finder & Guidescope Set with 1.25″ Double Helical Focuser

60mm guide scope with bright, wide-field optics puts numerous potential guide stars in view so you’ll never have to search for one!240mm focal length. Compact mini guide scope designed for use with astrophotography telescopes up to 1500mm focal length.1.25″ Double Helical Focuser with Brass Compression Ring and 2 thumbscrews.48mm focusing range (10mm focusing range with micro-focusing Helical focuser, the rest … Read More