Stellarscope Handheld Star Finder / Gazer, Astronomy Scope with Accessories

Hand-held portable planetarium identifies stars and constellations. Quickly locate and identify more than 1,500 stars that are visible to the naked eye. Choose the adapter for your latitude, rotate the time/date selector for the current date and time, and look through the Stellarscope for a star map aligned with the actual night sky as it appears in your location at that moment. Accurate between 20 degrees and 60 degrees north or south latitude, which includes the continental U.S. as well as most of Alaska and Canada south of the Arctic Circle.

Product Features

  • Material: Impact-resitant plastic
  • Lightweight for ease of use
  • Measures 6 inch by 2.5 inch
  • Charts the night sky on any day of the year; Includes latitude and hemisphere adapters and a keychain light.
  • Perfect gift for the astronomy enthusiast

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