Star Explosion Glow In The Dark

More than 700 glow in the dark shapes to decorate ceilings and walls make this classic kit a fun and educational item. Measures 2″L x 9.5″W x 2″H.This Star Explosion kit allows children to create a universe in their own bedrooms. With over 500 glow-in-the-dark adhesive pieces to choose from (including stars of all sizes, comets, asteroids, and spiral galaxies), junior astronomers can create star displays, black-hole effects, and, with the aid of the included star map, actual constellations. There are 364 small (.25-inch to 1.5-inch) star stickers and about 200 larger (1.5-inch to 5.5-inch) plastic shapes that adhere to walls and ceilings with the putty that comes with the set (it’s safe to use on most surfaces). The stickers and plastic shapes are made of Glominite, a safety-tested product that stores light. Each time the Glominite shapes are exposed to light, they recharge–so that the glowing keeps on going. –Kathryn Gustafson

Product Features

  • Over 700 stars and shapes
  • It likes having your own planetarium
  • Amazing star facts
  • Ages 5 & Up

2 Comments on “Star Explosion Glow In The Dark”

  1. "grandmotherof5stars"

    WE TURNED THE BEDROOM INTO A GALAXY I had a lot of fun with my granchildren transforming their bedroom into a glowing galaxy. There was more than enough stars to make a bunch of constellations on their ceiling. These are easy to use and weren’t messy at all. The kids love staring at the stars and pointing out the names of constellation before they go to bed at night. I was surprised when they started pointing out the real ones once we were outside one evening.The experience really turned them on to learning about the constellations. We even ended up buying a real telescope and book about stars. What a fun way to learn for all of us.

  2. Alexandra Florez "UnexpectedJOY"

    Here’s an idea When sticking the stars up on the ceiling, don’t use the putty provided, the heat makes them fall down within a few days. So instead use a hot glue gun with silicon it doesn’t ruin your stars or ceiling paint and they wont fall off… Thats what i used from the start from previous experience.

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