Solar Filter 52mm Spectrum Telescope (ST-52mm) Threaded Film Solar Filter for photographing the SUN or solar eclipse

THREADED CAMERA SOLAR FILTER 52mm These full aperture thin film solar filters allow only a safe amount of light which allows your camera to have a full view. When used during the daytime, the less atmospheric turbulence, the better the view. Made from .002″ thick black plastic polymer, it is extremely durable, high quality material and by following the instructions provided for care and use, it can last you for many years. The clear aperture has been hand selected to get the highest quality possible and then thoroughly inspected so that only the best product is put on the market. There is a natural looking yellowish-orange image when viewing the sun and you can view it directly by way of a telescope or for taking pictures. This filter is packed and shipped in a foam-lined box than placed in a plastic box to protect it during shipping and handling. You can use the filter box for storing your filter when you aren’t using it.

Product Features

  • 52mm Threaded Film Solar Filter for photographing the SUN
  • universal camera threads fits most SLR camera lenses, video cameras
  • image is yellow-orange
  • Total Solar Eclipse August 21 2017 in the USA
  • I have been building and developing safe solar filters for over 15 years

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