Pirate’s Nautical Ship Decor Brass Polished Sextant With Decorative Anchor Inlaid Wooden Case | Maritime Replica Collectibles Decor | Nagina International

The solid brass nautical sextant has a lenght of 4.87″ and height of approx 3″ This small ship’s replica sextant has a fully functional index arm, telescope, light filters and Index, Horizon mirrors. The sextant is solely meant for decor/display purpose only. Nautical brass polished sextant comes with a solid Indian rosewood crafted Premium Decorative Wooden Box which has been with sheer precision and dedication for nautics! A brass cut Anchor figure has been inlaid at the center of the box which really adds a new dimension to the nautical outlooks of the Box! The high quality wooden box also features 12 brass bent angle fasteners on the out edges of the box which again adds a Nautical accent to the wooden box. Locks of this premium wooden box have been secured safely by BOLTS! Sophistication and elite craftsmanship is just at par! Keep exploring Nagina International for more impressive lavishly Nautical Brass & Wood Decor

Product Features

  • Premium Rosewood Hand Crafted Nautical Box | Solid Brass Polished Sextant | Sturdy Construction & Craftsmanship
  • Highly Recommended For Nautically Inspired People | True Nautical Ship’s Decor Gift | Maritime Decor
  • Hardwood Anchor Inlaid Box | Brass Corner Bindings | Waxed Buff Polished Finish | Water-Resistant
  • 100% Quality& Satisfaction | Return Easily & Immediately If Not Satisfied
  • Brand New (Factory Direct) | Exclusive Home Decor Nautical Range Manufactured By Nagina International

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