Pink 60mm Kids Refractor Telescope STEM Pack Bundle by Twinstar

Just for kids, our Kids Pak 60mm Telescope Deal lets you start them off in space with everything you need. First thing your child will do is point the telescope at the Moon, so we’ve included a handy laminated Lunar features card. Also, the Kids Pak comes with the Ultimate Factivity Collection Space book, and other goodies to teach your child the basics of star gazing and constellations. It’s the perfect gift. This simple to assemble and easy to use refractor telescope will amaze and astonish you with its outstanding views of the Moon, Saturn’s Rings and plenty of deep-space objects such as the Beehive star clusters, the Orion Nebulae and binary star systems. Sporting a 60mm objective lens and a long 300mm focal length, this telescope can achieve magnifications from 15x to 50x using the two included eyepieces. Also included is a full-sized aluminum tripod with an altazimuth mount, making it simple for you to “point-and-shoot” within 5 minutes of opening the box. This fantastic telescope is great for bird watching, mountain gazing, and is perfect for high-rise apartment dwellers who want to scan the city. There is no better telescope value than our great 60mm refracting telescope! The aluminum tripod is fully adjustable and allows even taller people to observe the stars without having to crouch down in an uncomfortable position. Yet, the tripod is ultra-light weight, making it easy for kids to handle. The altazimuth mount is our easiest to use. Not only can the telescope be assembled and disassembled in minutes, but you can quickly and easily scan the skies (or the Earth) for the objects you are looking for. Because the included paper instructions offer limited guidance, we provide buyers with an online full-color photograph, step-by-step assembly guide so you’ll be up and running without having to struggle with a complex assembly diagram.

Product Features

  • 60mm Achromatic objective lens, 300mm focal length
  • Includes The Moon Map by Twinstar, Ultimate Factivity Collection space book, and 12 Glow-in-the-Dark Star Stickers!
  • Altazimuth Mount and Full-Size Tripod are Included
  • Full color Online Assembly Guide Included
  • 15x and 50x Magnification from 6mm & 20mm .965″ Diameter Eyepieces

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