Orion Observer II 60mm AZ Refractor Telescope Starter Kit

This is a great telescope and accessory kit for kids interested in astronomy and space. The Orion Observer II 60mm AZ refractor telescope is a wonderful starter telescope well-equipped for visual adventures under starry skies. The extra goodies included with the Observer II 60mm Altazimuth Refractor Telescope Starter Kit are ideal for beginning backyard astronomers. A classic refractor telescope with precision glass optics and great portability, the Orion Observer II 60mm is a complete backyard telescope package that includes the refractor optical tube, a host of accessories, and an adjustable aluminum tripod. The assembled Observer II 60mm telescope weighs just 4.3 lbs. including the mount and tripod, so it’s very easy for anyone in the family to transport from the house to the backyard for stargazing adventures. Featuring an aluminum telescope optical tube and all-glass optics, including a fully antireflection-coated 60mm achromatic objective lens, the Observer II 60mm yields sharp, detailed images of the night sky. The altazimuth mount provides smooth motion in both altitude (up/down) and azimuth (left/right) axes of motion, and the lightweight aluminum tripod is adjustable for crowd-pleasing performance and comfort. Outfitted with a great set of extra accessories, the Observer II 60mm AZ Refractor Telescope Starter Kit comes with everything you need to enjoy great views of the night sky right out of the box. The telescope comes with two eyepieces to deliver two different viewing magnifications. Use the included 25mm Kellner eyepiece for wide, 28-power views. When you want more magnifying power, use the included 10mm Kellner eyepiece for stronger, 70-power views. A 90-deg mirror diagonal is included for comfortable nighttime viewing, and the included red-dot sight makes it easy to aim the telescope. This value-packed starter kit also includes the detailed Orion MoonMap 260, Orion Star Target Planisphere, and the Orion Exploring the Cosmos book.

Product Features

  • This affordable beginner’s kit includes a complete 60mm Refractor telescope and useful accessories for kids interested in astronomy
  • Explore the Moon’s rugged surface, Saturn’s rings, Jupiter’s moons and much more at two different magnifications with the included 25mm and 10mm eyepieces
  • The included MoonMap 260 identifies over 260 interesting features on the Moon
  • Use the included Star Target planisphere to see what’s in the night sky any day of the year
  • The included Exploring the Cosmos book provides a wonderful introduction to space and the stars for any beginning stargazer

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