Orion 3640 Collimating Telescope Eyepiece

To get the best images from your telescope, its optics must be in precise alignment. This economical tool will ensure that they are. It’s a combination sight tube and Cheshire eyepiece, consisting of a 5-long tube made of black-anodized aluminum. It fits in a 1.25 eyepiece holder. A peephole in the top and wire crosshairs at the bottom enable precise centering of Newtonian optical components. The polished 45-deg internal surface projects an annulus of light into the optical path to facilitate primary mirror alignment. Simply insert the Collimating Eyepiece in the focuser drawtube and follow normal collimation steps. Your Newtonian will always be in excellent optical alignment! Instructions included.

Product Features

  • Economical collimation tool ensures that your reflector telescope’s optics are in precise alignment
  • Combination 5 long sight tube and 1
  • 25 Cheshire eyepiece
  • For aligning optics of Newtonian reflectors, Dobsonian reflectors, and Schmidt-Cassegrain

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