Omegon 2” helical focuser

Omegon 2″ helical focuser – sharper planets in any telescope

One of the biggest challenges in photographing the Moon and planets is precise focusing of the object. Not all telescopes are well equipped for this. Equipping your telescope with the Omegon 2″ helical focuser is quick and straightforward, and you will then always be able to find the perfect point of focus.

The advantages in a nutshell:

– 2″ helical focuser designed specifically for astrophotography

– fits onto any 2″ focuser

– improves focusing precision

– approximately 0.1mm focusing precision with 42mm of travel

– comes with a M48 thread for your camera

The screw-less focuser for your telescope – it simply slides in

Many telescopes have a focuser which does not allow very precise focusing. Especially difficult jobs such as focusing on a planet can be a real challenge. This helical focuser elegantly overcomes the problem. It is suitable for both refractors and Newtonian telescopes, but is also particularly useful with Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. You need to do nothing more than to connect it to your existing focuser.

Suitable for all 2″ focusers

The helical focuser has a 2″ barrel. This allows it be inserted into the focuser just like an eyepiece. Its separate focusing mechanism now takes over the job of precision focusing.

Sharper focused planets via the helical mechanism

Once the helical focuser is attached, simply turn the oversized focusing knob – which you can control easily even with gloves on in winter. The rotating mechanism allows very smooth and continuous focusing, and without any play. Your new focuser does exactly what you tell it to.

Setting scale – for finding the optimal focus position again

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