Olympus Tissue Culture Microscope Package, CKX41-TR

CKX41 Inverted Microscope Kit with Phase Contrast – The CKX41 was developed with a modular design approach. System flexibility includes the capability of a fluorescence illuminator for GFP (not included) as well as documentation of images with digital imaging and video monitoring. The CKX41 is routinely used for checking cell viability in petri dishes, culture flasks, and multi-well plates with the optiuonal photo capable Trinocular observation tube. This inverted microscope package comes complete with integrated quadruple revolving nosepiece; binocular observation tube; fixed plain stage 160x250mm; course/fine focusing with tension adjustment mechanism, roller slide mechanism, travel 7mm up and 2mm down from focus position which is 1mm above the stage, and travel per rotation: 39.6mm course, 0.2mm fine; illumination pillar with lamphouse and ultra long working distance condenser NA 0.3, WD 72mm with aperture stop; transformer integrated into the frame; 45mm transmission filter holder, lamp socket and 2 6V30W halogen bulbs; Achromat 10X pre-centered phase objective, NA 0.25, FN 22, WD 8.8mm; long working distance Achromat 20X precentered phase obj., NA 0.4, FN 22, WD 3.2mm; phase contrast slider for PHP objectives, pre-centered, three positions (For 4X, for 10X/20X/40X, and empty position); 45-LBD-IF; Blue LBD Daylight Filter, 45mm; LOGO Cloth dust cover 11″ x 25″ x 26″, anti-static; and power cord.

Product Features

  • Quick, Adjustment-free Specimen Observation
  • Enhanced Cell Culture with Advanced UIS2 Optics

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