Olympus Stereo Microscope Package, SZ51-B

SZ51 Kit with Boom Stand – Experience the compact design of the SZ51 with the flexibility of a Boom Stand mount. Incorporating the Greenbough optical system the Olympus SZ51 delivers excellent field flatness and ample depth of field as well as clarity, detail and accurate color. From our steromicroscope family, the “comfort view” eye piece design and accessible, responsive controls make operation easier and less fatiguing. This package features the SZ5145 Stereo Microscope Zoom body utilizing the Greenough design with two optical paths inclined at an inward angle; magnification range 0.8X to 4X; zoom ratio 5:1, FN 22; working distance 110mm; observation tube angle 45 degrees; right and left eyepiece tubes interlocked; interpupillary distance adjustment 50-76mm; forward positioned zoom adjustment knobs with zoom magnification graduations; 10x focusing eyepieces; 12V 100W Fiber optic illuminator with double fiber optic light guide; and universal boom stand with ESD capability.

Product Features

  • Compact Stereo with High-Quality Optics
  • Greenough Optical System
  • Comfortable and Reliable Design for Routine Work

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