Now You See It, Now You Don’t

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  1. Tamra J. Gibson "70's tv addict!!!"

    I’M GOING TO BE LIKE A KID IN A CANDY STORE ON MARCH 27th!!!!! Wow! I feel like a little kid at Xmas time, with the long awaited release of Maude on March 20th, a six season release of All in the Family Feb. 13th, and another installment of The Jeffersons!!! Thank you Sony!!! Eventhough I’m thankful to see The Jeffersons being released, it would be nice if there was some kind of tribute or rememberance of cast members who are no longer with us, which include Roxie Roker, Franklin Cover, Isabel Sanford, and Mike Evans. I was looking at an episode of All in the Family today on dvd (The one when George and Louise move on up), and it was kind of sad to realize that more than half of the original cast of the Jeffersons is gone, along with Mother Jefferson.Unfortunately, most shows from the 70’s don’t get the royal treatment with dvd extras like current tv shows. It just seems like the studios just don’t care enough to take the time to include the actors, who are a major part of the shows success. I’m sure Sherman Hemsley, Marla Gibbs, Paul Benedict, and Belinda Tolbert would love to share their stories of being apart of a sitcom classic!!! Oh well, I guess I’ll just be grateful to even get The Jeffersons and All in the Family on dvd!

  2. BRADLEY R HUTSON "hutsman"

    We’re Past the Halfway Point Now! It’s great to see that the sixth season of “The Jeffersons” is now slated for release, just seven months following the DVD set of the fifth season. This puts the series on DVD past the halfway point now!Despite the fact that this set is bound to be similar to the previous five (with no extras and some video tape picture problems), it is still a worthwhile purchase just to get these classic episodes in their original, uncut CBS broadcast versions. Each episode that I can view in this fashion, as opposed to the butchered reruns shown on TV Land, is a great thing in my opinion!Supporting this box set should only serve to give Sony Pictures Home Entertainment more faith to continue releasing this series on DVD. If you enjoy this show at all, please shell out the few dollars it will take to own this one. Let’s see if we can’t get all eleven seasons released!

  3. Charles I.

    Season Six of The Jeffersons! Wow, I can’t believe that season six of the Jeffersons is already on its way for release on DVD! I am so glad we don’t have to wait until the end of summer to get another great set. I love this show so much and I can’t wait to see the original Lionel Jefferson(Mike Evans)return to play his role again. Please keep this show coming!

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