Monocular Dual Focus Optics Zoom 40X60 Single-tube Telescope Waterproof Wide Angle Lens With Tripod For Phone Bird Watching Camping Hiking Hunting Live Concert Surveillance

Beauty is not lacking in life, it is the absence of beautiful eyes.
Explore the beautiful world with Unihoh monocular!
Unihoh monocular let you see further and discover more fun.
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  • BAK-4 Prism, a kind of material of high refractive index, contributes to minimal vignetting, clearer image and brighter color.
  • FMC: it is one of the best coatings in the present market, the most significant characters of which are good imaging quality ,high definition and high color reproduction. It has a strong optical permeability to make better image brightness, contrast and quality. Furthermore, it comes with a flat gloss grain, which helps to reduce eye fatigue.
  • Portable: it is easy to carry and use. A nice stuff to make your outing more enjoyable, like bird watching, hiking, traveling, live concert, camping and so many other outdoor activities.


  • Don’t clean the inner parts of the monocular or disassembly the monocular.
  • Don’t use the monocular to watch the sun directly, lest it will injure your eyes.
  • If necessary, gently wipe with lens cleaning paper or soft cloth.
  • Please not again falls or immerses.
  • This is a kind of low-light level night vision telescope—which means it can be used for night vision with some light but can not be used for totally pitch-black night vision.

Product Features

  • Great viewing experience: our monocular has a large BAK-4 Prism inside and fully FMC multi-coated Lens, which contributes to superior light transmission and brightness,make image clearer and brighter. The big field of view and high color reduction bring you perfect viewing experience.
  • 22mm eyepiece: 40X60 high power magnification, the less shield but the broader filed of view. A must-have of outdoor activities, with it, you will have much more fun in bird-watching, hunting, camping, hiking, ballgame-watching and so on.
  • Portable and durable: lightweight and convenient to carry when go out. Moreover, no need to worry about its safe as the durable rubber compound around its face has protruded patterns ,providing strong grip for both wet and dry applications.Besides, the covers can protect the lens and eyepiece from dust and fog. All of these aim to offer you the most pleasant use feeling.
  • Adjustable eye cup: meet all users of different pupil distance, just simply twist up or down the eye cup according to your requirement and you will have a visual effect. It is really a pretty intimate design for spectacle-wears as it allows them to be near to the eyepiece without disturbing the viewing experience.
  • A perfect match with phone: with the tripod, it can directly connect to mobile phone so you can watch high-resolution image and take the photo from a distance. And the tripod make your phone and monocular more steady, improve your using experience.

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