Meade 114-EQ-DH 4.5″ Equatorial Starfinder Reflecting Telescope

The Meade 114EQ-DH 4.5-inch Equatorial Starfinder Reflecting Telescope includes a superb, hand-figured parabolic primary mirror constructed from low-expansion, fine-annealed Pyrex glass. The mirror meets the theoretical limit of resolution for its aperture and is matched with an elliptical flat secondary mirror of appropriate minor axis. This high-quality construction guarantees a remarkable performance and is sure to deliver crisp, clear images of your favorite celestial bodies.

This telescope can be used manually to view distant street signs, mountains, trees and other structures. For the beginner, the manual observation is an excellent way to associate yourself with the telescope. However, the biggest benefit of the Starfinder telescope is the electronic motor drive system. This awesome feature allows you to track celestial bodies and move your telescope with a small handbox remote control. Once you answer a series of questions about your location, the handbox will help you find and track your favorite celestial bodies. The motor can operate at seven different speeds, so you’ll be able to track almost anything in the sky with a simple press of a button.

With fine construction, built to detailed specifications, and empowering features like the electronic Starfinder motor system, the 114EQ-DH is an outstanding telescope for the amateur astronomer.

What’s in the Box
114EQ-DH 4.5-inch reflecting telescope, tripod, 3x Barlow lens, eyepieces, Starfinder motor and handbox, and battery pack.

Product Features

  • Parabolic primary mirror constructed from Pyrex glass
  • Manual viewing mode is perfect for the beginning astronomer
  • Starfinder motor drive system is excellent for tracking celestial bodies
  • Easy-to-use handbox helps you find stars based on your location
  • Track almost any star or comet with the seven different motor speeds

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