Maple Total Station MPE-825L Non-Reflectorless 5 Second with Laser Plummet

MAPLE MPE-825L Non-reflectorless total station very convenient for distance measurement to hard accessible objects like telegraph poles, dam walls,tunnels, roofs, etc. 1 prism and 3 prisms max range is 3km respectively. The station has special surveying programs, such as remote height measurement, offset measurement, remote distance measurement, stake-out, resection, area calculation, road design and stake-out, etc. which are necessary to meet the needs of professional measurement and surveying measurement. The absolute encoding disc.Telescope 30X magnification allows for easy targeting of the exact point for measurement. The station has Laser plummet with 3X magnification factor and 0.5m to ∞ focus range. MPE-825L is compatible for use with data collectors running Carlson Software. The total station can be connected to a PC via the RS-232 or USB ports. MPE-825L is very compact (L180 x H355 x W175 mm) and weight is 6.5kg. The station comes with 2 rechargeable Ni-H batteries, a battery power charger, communication cable, tool kit, belt, dryer, plummet, carrying case, operational manual, software CD, a warranty card.

MPE-825L is compatible for use with data collectors running Carlson Software.

Product Features

  • Measurement Method: Absolute Encoding
  • Detection Method: Horizontal: Dual Vertical: Dual
  • Effective Aperture: Telescope: 45mm; Object Lens (50mm)
  • Auto Vertical Compensator Type: Liquid-electric Detection
  • Auto Vertical Compensator Range: +/- 3′

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