Maikerry Telescope for Kids and Children’s Telescope for Sale,Astronomical Telescope for Kids

Product description:
Has a larger diameter (50 mm) do not take a place, suitable for beginners of amateur astronomers, configuration of two different ratio of the eyepiece and 1.5 X multiplier as a mirror. Can make you free collocation, observe the different distance and the size of the object

Factory configuration:
Eyepiece: H20mm,H6mm eyepiece
1.5 x as a mirror

Installation steps:
1. Remove the rack and place it in the flat
2. Take out the tube
3. Remove the locking handwheel and the mounting screw
4. Install the roof mirror
5. Installation eyepiece

Product Features

  • It is easier to operate with 20mm eyepiece at first, and then you can exchange the lens when you are familiar with it.
  • Brand new upgrade of blue film, quality assurance.
  • Aim at a larger piece of scenery 50 meters away, then slowly close your eyes to the eyepiece and slowly adjust until you see.
  • Great Beginner Telescope
  • Quick and easy no-tool setup;this refractor telescope just suitable for kids and beginners with affordable price

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