Lottogo 18x Optical Zoom Telephoto Lens Telescope Aluminum Mobile Phone Camera Lens Kit + Mini Tripod (18x-Universal Clip)

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Universal 18x Telesocpe Phone Camera Lens Kit

The 18x telesocpe phone camera lens kit will be make your phones become a Professional DSLR.


Smart design for focusing longer distance when taking photo or video.

Detachable lens that adds 18X optical magnification to your phone built-in camera.

Overcome the short coming of camera cellphone that can only near-sighted.

Can be used as a mini monocular.

The universal clip can make the telephoto lens apply to most cellphone of which the width is not more than 5.5 inches.

Flexible handle can be pulled out for easy adjustment Compact, portable & easy to use.

Magnification: 18X

Angle of view: 90°

User Guide

1.Set the connectting ring into the 18X Lens, then clockwise to tighten screw of the holder ring.

2.The tripod align screw hole on the holder ring, counterclockwise to tighten them.

3.Put your phone into the clip, your phone camera align round hole of the clip, twist mounting screw of the clip, adjust to the applicable range for your phone.

What’s in the Box

1 x Telephoto Lens

1 x Mini Tripod

1 x Holder Ring

1 x Clip or Case

1 x Cleaning Cloth

1 x Velvet Bag

1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • The 18x telephoto lens overcomes the short coming of cell phones that can only take photos at near distance.The lens diameter is 25mm, which makes photography have broader perspective and photo clearer.
  • Four groups of 6 combinations of lenses, Super EBC – A new generation of electron beam coating technology.
  • The effective photographing distance can reach up to 2km, the angle of view is 90°.
  • High Definition,High -quality Material,Novel optical design, Ultra-long vision.
  • Portable and detachable, you can take photo with your devices at any time.

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