Lens Zoom Comparison

Today I got myself an adaptor that allows me to attach my old Vivitar 500mm f/8 lens from my 35mm SLR to my Nikon D40. I also got myself at adaptor to allow me to fit the camera to my 4 inch refractor telescope.

The main image is taken with the Nikon 18-55mm lens and gives you an approximation of what the eye sees. Bottom right is an inset of the view as seen by the Vivitar and bottom right the telescope. All three images have not been cropped; I just scaled the inserts to make them fit. All three images are centred on the same TV aerial.

If you’re thinking that the telescope image is blurry then you’d be right. I noticed that the movement of the mirror in the dSLR was enough to induce a little shake into the telescope. I’ll have to look into this and find a way of securing the whole rig.

4 Comments on “Lens Zoom Comparison”

  1. My Standard Break From Life

    Have you tried shooting with a remote shutter release to cut down on the shaking? Only about $20 or so, and can really be effective.

    Pretty cool though…

  2. d0bb0

    I meant to get the remote today but forgot (aims gun at head, pulls trigger, misses brains by six foot :-).

    In order to reduce the shake I used the timer to take the shot. With 2 secs there was still a little movement, but with 5 secs the camera was still before the stutter released. Afterwards there was a little movement I could see so I don’t think the remote (which I still want) will help with the telescope. But thanks for the suggestion.

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