Leather & Chromed Brass Refractor Telescope 38″ Wood Tripod

This item is the perfect nautical wall hanging decor to accent your home. Ideal for those who love nautical wall art, this beach decor will leave your guests in awe. This item surrounding it and is easily mountable to a wall in need of a beach decoration.

Product Features

  • This large leather and chrome finish nautical solid brass refractor telescope has a scope length of 38″ and the wooden tripod can extend up to 60″ tall.
  • The magnification of this functional telescope is 32x and the objective lens is 42mm.
  • The lens cover will not be lost as it is attached with a chain. The entire length of the telescope’s barrel is wrapped in black leather. The brass sections are nickel plated.
  • Simple yet fun, this nautically-inspired piece will add the perfect coastal touch to your home or office decoration.

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