Jupiter outbreak spot 22:24UT 11/14/10

Rushed out when the sun went down to try and get the outbreak/revival spot transitting. Seeing was not good, mirror wasn’t cool and I was imaging over top of the house. Still was able to get a blob out of it :)

Celestron C6-N
SPC900NC webcam
2x + 3x barlows stacked

2 Comments on “Jupiter outbreak spot 22:24UT 11/14/10”

  1. Torben Bjørn Hansen

    For this you get a "participation ribbon" 😀

    Ok, ok this is not bad, animation is pretty cool. If anything this shows how much effort you put into your other shots!

  2. mandochiko

    Amazing. With just a webcam huh? Here I am looking at these expensive CCD cameras. LOL. Very nice work.

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