First Light – Luna

After getting my Nikon D600 and my FLT-110 telescope together, this was one of the first shots I took. I’m sure my Canon bodies are all jealous.

FYI: Taking shots of the moon doesn’t count as Astrophotography. The moon is easily in the realm of being shot by anyone with a camera using the right settings.

What settings should you use? Try f/9, ISO 200, 1/200 of a second for Full, Half, or Crescent moon. A healthy telephoto lens is always a help and so is a sturdy tripod.

This image is about a 1/3 crop from the full frame image. The telescope I used has a 770mm focal length with a 110 mm objective making it the equivalent of f/7.

Creative Commons: Attribution, Noncommercial, No Derivative Works  Steven Christenson
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What does "Attribution, Noncommercial, No Derivative Works" mean… it means you’re free to copy repost, reuse this photo in any way you wish that is NOT for commercial purposes. What is a commercial purpose? Anything intended to attract the attention of or make money from others. Commercial purposes would include featuring this on any pages that make money from add revenue as well.

What does "No Derivatives" mean… it means you can’t alter the image except to up or downsize it or crop it.

What does "Attribution" mean? It means where practical and possible you include my name when you display the photo. My name is in the Watermark, so leaving the watermark on satisfies this requirement. If you crop the watermark off, you’ll have to name me as the source in the associated text.


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    Another image taken with this same pairing: []

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