Crenova® UM012C USB Digital Microscope 5MP Video Microscope 300X Magnifier Camera for Windows XP/VISTA /WIN7 /Mac OSX

Crenova® UM012C Camera & Video Microscope

*The Microscope provides a high-quality digital microscope at great value. Professionals, educators, and collectors alike will enjoy using this easy-to-use microscope, which has a magnification of up to 300X. 5 MP sensor ensures that you will be able to view samples with stunning clarity in high-definition.

*With the Crenova UC012 Microscope, the world will never look the same.

An Easy- to-use Microscope

*Even if you’re new to using a microscope, you’ll be able to pick up the basics quickly.

*There are only three basic components easy to be assembled: The microscope, microscope holder, and stand.

*Once assembling the microscope, just plug it in to a USB port on your computer, install the software, and you can enjoy using it.

Applicable Scenarios

*Useful for examining hair, textiles, stamps, rocks, plants, and coins (among many other objects and specimens), the Digital Microscope is nothing if not versatile.

*Thanks to the adjustable stand ,lens position and proper calibration, the microscope can be used in industry, and makes a great educational tool for K-12 and homeschooling settings.


*Image sensor: 5 Mega Pixels (Real Resolution)

*Magnification Ratio: 20X-300X

*Light Source: 8 LED

*PC Interface: USB2.0

*Power Source: 5V DC from USB Port

*Operating System: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000, Mac OS X 10.5 or Above (32 /64 Bit)


*This Crenova UM012C microscope comes with a full 12 month warranty.

*Replacement or Refund service is available for you.

*Like Crenova on Facebook to extend the warranty to 24 months and get fast response from us.

Product Contains Items:

1 * USB Microscope

1 * Stand

1 * CD Driver

1 * Correction Ruler

1 * English Manual

Product Features

  • *1.Vision in high definition: 5 MP sensor and microscope magnifies up to 300X, allowing you to see specimens in vivid detail. Whether you’re a professional, hobbyist, or educator, this microscope allows you and your students to see the world as you’ve never seen it before.
  • *2.User-friendly: You don’t need a lot of training to use this simple but powerful microscope. Just plug in to your USB port, install the software, and you’ll be ready to go. Software compatible with both Windows and Mac.
  • *3.Simple to assemble: This microscope features three main components that are easy to put together and take apart for storage. Don’t worry about having to fuss with a lot of small pieces.
  • *4.Capture your discoveries: With the microscope’s software, included with purchase, you can create videos and still photos of your findings.
  • *5.Measurement capable: After calibrating the microscope, you will be able to measure specimens with precision befitting a researcher.

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