Celestron No.44410 Prepared Microscope Slides (25-Piece Set)

  • Wide assortment of specimen slides of insect parts, plant parts, animal parts, etc. which allows you to use microscopes ”out of the box”
  • Glass slides of full size – 1” x 3” (25mm x 76mm) ensures correct color and sharp images of the specimens
  • Both sets of slides come in wooden boxes to keep the slides safe and secure
  • Listing included describing the specimen on each slide so you know what you are looking

Product Features

  • This set of prepared slides includes an assortment of plant, animal, and protozoan specimens
  • 1″ × 3″ (25 × 76 mm) glass slides ensure correct color and clear images of the specimens.
  • A small sheet of paper inside the case lists all the slide specimens.
  • Contained in a wooden case for safe storage and transportation.

3 Comments on “Celestron No.44410 Prepared Microscope Slides (25-Piece Set)”

  1. Doxycycline

    Good set of slides with a bit of emphasis on plants The slides are well prepared and kept my child’s attention and enthusiasm for some time. I perceive a bit of an emphasis on plants… at any rate, the slides I received in my set were labelled as follows,1. Pemicillum (sic) W.M.2. Rhizopus Sporongia W.M.3. Chlamvdomonas W.M.4. Pine Leaf C.S.5. Leaf of Winter Jasmine C.S.6. Corn Root Tip L.S.7. Vicia Faba Young Root C.S.8. Corn Stem C.S.9. Corn Stem L.S.10. Curcubits Stem C.S.11. Curcubits Stem L.S.12. Basswood Stem C.S.13. Basswood Stem L.S.14. Pollen W.M.15. Daphni Sp W.M.16. Hydra W.M.17. Paramecium W.M.18. Rotifer W.M.19. Honey Bee Mouth Parts W.M.20. Cardiac Muscle Sec21. Skeletal Muscle L.S, C.S.22. Dog Small Intestine C.S.23. Spinal Card (sic) C.S.24. Motor Neurous (sic) Cell W.M.25. Blood Smear HumanIt appears that “C.S” stands for cross-section and “L.S” stands for longitudinal section. I couldn’t figure out what “W.M” stood for.

  2. J. Darling

    Not too bad I bought this for my 8 year old who had received a microscope for her birthday. This is a nice set of slides, and she found them interesting (and it brought make memories of 7th grade biology for me, lol). If I were to suggest any changes they would be to find more specimens that are common objects that kids are likely to be familiar with (she was much less interested in the slides if she didn’t know what the thing was to start with). Also, the wooden box is a great idea, but it’s a little too large, so the slides slip out of their slots and get jumbled/scratched up.

  3. B. Manning

    Wonderful prepared slides- great for elementary teachers or homeschoolers My mom got these slides along with the duo-scope for my daughter about a year ago. She has loved looking at all the different structures which are easily visible with the stains used. I am a scientist myself and have been helping her 4th grade teacher with science each week. These slides have been wonderful to demonstrate many of the topics we have covered. There are both longitudinal and cross sections of plants which nicely demonstrate tubules in plant stems, there is one of pollen. All of these have helped the topics “come alive” to students as they can actually see in the microscope what we are talking about, not just a picture in a book. Human body is covered in 5th grade and I’m sure I’ll be using these next year to assist in teaching that as well. If you are a teacher or homeschooling parent you may want to consider these for your class!

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