Celestron CGX Equatorial 1100 HD Telescope

Celestron CGX Equatorial 1100 HD Telescope – 12057-CELESTRON

By refocusing design efforts and anticipating the needs of today’s visual observers and astroimagers, Celestron has achieved a new level of state of the art with the all new CGX German equatorial mount. Compact. Solid. Innovative. Totally redesigned with a lower profile, CGX is sturdier and more rigid than its predecessors with several new innovative features and new control software ideally suited for automation and remote operation. Ideal for pairing with an assortment of optical tube assemblies, CGX sets a bold new standard for rock solid equatorial tracking, observing, and imaging. This model comes with a Celestron CGX Equatorial 1100 HD EdgeHD Telescope. This telescope has a 11” aperture, 2800mm focal length and f/10 focal ratio. The telescope features EdgeHD optics which flatten out the image you see to reduce or eliminate coma distortion. The optical elements within the telescope are treated with StarBright XLT coating to increase light transmission, too.

All-Star Polar Alignment

Get ready for a night of astroimaging faster than previously thought possible. Once your telescope is aligned, All-Star Polar Alignment lets you use any bright star listed in the NexStar+ hand control to assist in mechanically aligning your mount with the North Celestial Pole through a straightforward centering process, so you spend less time aligning and more time imaging.

SkyAlign Technology

Ideal for beginners and advanced users alike, SkyAlign makes aligning a computerized telescope fast, easy, and accurate. Simply point at any three bright objects in the sky and the telescope aligns itself. From there, navigation and tracking is as easy as pushing a button.

Product Features

  • All-Star Polar Alignment automatically aligns your mount with the North Celestial Pole
  • EdgeHD optics reduce off-axis star coma and flattens the focal plane for clearer images.
  • StarBright XLT optical coating improves light transmission creating a brighter image
  • Massive 55 lb. load capacity, heavy duty 2″ steel tripod legs with graduated markings for quick leveling
  • Spring-loaded worm gears with belt drives that minimize backlash for a more responsive mount

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