Brown & Sharpe 599-591-20 6 Piece Telescoping Gauge Set

The Brown & Sharpe 599-591-20 six-piece telescoping gage set comes as a complete set of six gages ranging 5/16” and 7.9 mm to 6” and 152.4 mm. The set has a satin-chrome finish for low glare and durability, and features a knurled lock, helping to provide a more secure grip for ease of use. Handles hold the gage for insertion into bore to determine diameters.

Telescoping gages are simple reference tools used for determining bore diameters. They are typically used in conjunction with a caliper or outside micrometer, which are used to take the measurement of the locked telescoping gage once it has been implemented.

Brown & Sharpe was founded in 1833, had a major part in setting industrial standards in the United States, and has given its name to several standards, including a tool spindle taper, a worm threadform, and others. Brown & Sharpe was acquired by Hexagon Metrology in 2001, and has since focused on precision measuring equipment and metrology hand tools. The Brown & Sharpe line of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), optical measuring systems, benchtop measuring machines, and precision hand tools offer consistent, high-quality design, construction, and performance. Brown & Sharpe has manufacturing facilities in North America, Switzerland, and China.

Product Features

  • Includes a set of six gages
  • Knurled lock for ease of use
  • Satin-chrome finish for low glare and durability
  • Comes completely assembled with handles to hold the gage
  • Can be used to determine bore diameters

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