BRESSER SPICA 130 5″ f/5 Carbon Fiber Reflector EQ Telescope

Designed for near-space and deep-sky observation with a fast focal ratio for astrophotography/imaging, Bresser’s SPICA 130 5″ f/5 Carbon Fiber Reflector EQ Telescope features a 650mm focal length and a large, parabolic mirror for obtaining detailed images of the Moon, clear views of the planets, and access to deep-sky objects such as nebulae and galaxies. The scope is outfitted with a 1.25 rack-and-pinion focuser and two eyepieces to get new users started: a 4mm that yields 162x power and a 20mm for a 32x magnification. A 3x Barlow lens effectively triples the magnification of each eyepiece for added viewing versatility. The included smartphone adapter mounts onto the eyepiece and is a universal fit for most devices to enable on-the-fly imaging without additional accessories.The OTA is made of lightweight and strong carbon fiber. This material is highly resistant to temperature changes – such as moving from a warm house into a fall night. Drastic temperature swings can cause metal OTAs to expand and contract causing their delicate optics to move out of collimation over time. Its Crayford focuser uses a friction system to move the draw tube in and out, which enables much more precise focusing without backlash – an important feature in achieving tack-sharp images.The included manual equatorial mount features large-knob slow-motion control cables make it easy to track objects even while when wearing gloves while also minimizing vibrations caused by handling the mount with your hands and clearly visible indicators on the RA and Declination axes. To assist in finding celestial objects is an LED red-dot finderscope that projects a dot in the center of the sight to enable users to simple put their desired subject in line with the dot and the start viewing. An adjustable-height aluminum tripod rounds out the rig with an accessory tray with holders for eyepieces.

Product Features

  • Optical DesignNewtonian reflector
  • Aperture5.1″ / 13.0 cm
  • Focal Length650 mm
  • Focal Ratiof/5
  • Eyepiece Barrel Diameter1.25″
  • DiagonalNone
  • FinderscopeRed-dot finderscope
  • Tripod2-stage adjustable, aluminum
  • Mount TypeGerman equatorial, manual

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