Baader Planetarium AstroSolar ECO-Size Safety Film for Visual Solar Observation and Imaging, 5.0 Optical Density, 140x155mm

Baader Planetarium’s AstroSolar Safety Film 5.0 is a patented, specially manufactured blister free film that is only 0.01mm thick and attains the optical quality of plane-parallel glass filters. The base material is not “Mylar.” It reduces sunlight by a factor of over 100,000 to safe levels for visual or imaging/photographic applications with optical instruments. The film, made in Germany, is coated on both sides to ensure highly uniform filtering while neutralizing occasional microscopic holes in the coating. One layer of this film is sufficient for the construction of a safe, high-resolution solar instrument filter. Baader AstroSolar film is considered to be the “gold” standard for white-light solar observation by amateur astronomers. This film does not deteriorate the optical wavefront so it allows the use of high magnification with any optical instrument without reducing sharpness or contrast of the solar surface. Filters made with this film should ONLY be used in front of the telescope objective or camera lens. It is normal for the film to have some dents, streaks, slight warps, etc. and this does not indicate that the film is defective nor does it compromise the image quality in any way. Package includes one piece of film (140x155mm) and instructions for making your own DIY solar filter cell (examples of filters made by users are shown above). This AstroSolar Safety Film 5.0 is not authorized to be used for naked eye solar observation or production of solar viewers. For direct solar viewing without telescope, binocular or camera optics, consider Baader’s EN ISO 12312-2:2015 certified Baader Solar Viewers equipped with AstroSolar Silver/Gold Film.

Product Features

  • Baader AstroSolar Safety Film with optical density 5.0 for white light solar viewing. Reduces intensity of Sunlight by a factor of 100,000 for safe solar observation or imaging with optical instruments.
  • Make your own front-mounted solar filter for finderscopes, telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, or photo/video camera lenses. Not for use with solar viewer cards or glasses for unmagnified views of the Sun. Instructions included.
  • With AstroSolar Film the Sun appears in its real color – neutral white (with a slight bluish tint). Other films and glass filters produce a blurry bluish or reddish/orange/yellow solar image which is not the natural color of the Sun!
  • Produces high resolution, high contrast images of the solar disk that are far superior to those provided by any other comparable white light solar filter materials.
  • Made in Germany by Baader Planetarium.

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