A pecker doing what a pecker does

Great-spotted Woodpecker cleaning out an old nest hole. This was my first serious attempt at digi-scoping.

I took the pic with a Canon Powershot A640 camera through my Swarovski ATS 65HD telescope with a 30 x SW lens.

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  1. Steve_C

    Thanks Amy & BB. I had quite an adventure today. I’m sure I’ll tell you more about it privately. I don’t like boasting about my extreme stupidity in public LOL.

    I am pleased with this shot. Do you think I should have cropped out the sky on the right hand side?

  2. Amy Lloyd

    Haha, you always have adventures Steve, nothing is ever simple with you lol.

    Hmm i like the blue sky at the side personally, although i have just stuck a post-it-note over the blue to see what it would look like gone and it does look good just with the tree, but it would be too ‘square’ in composition, for my liking.

    Its a great photo as it is.

  3. Baubo Bittern

    You are stupid? Na,na, na… be kinder to yourself, lad.

    While the onesided blue is cetainly not befitting classic composition, it gives a nice feel of the bright day and fine springweather, and in a way it is sort of ballanced as the red is also a very bright and pure in the subtle hues of the wood. Besides if you crop, you need to make it a portait formate and loose the pretty textured bark in the left too. I think it is best as it is.

  4. sandischuttler

    This is a terrific capture, and i agree with Amy, I would crop out the sky it helps focus on the beautiful bird.

  5. TheLizardQueen

    Fabulous Steve!! Don’t crop it, it’s perfect just the way it is!!

    Come on spill… what were you up to today? Were you out on your bike with a backpack laden with equipment?

  6. Steve_C

    Amy – My adventures included meetings with pigs, gay hikers who were lost, goats, a flock of Redwing that didn’t want to be photographed, my first Ringed Plover of the year and a footpath that I had intended using but which was under 6′ of water.

    Thanks for your thoughts on the cropping of the pic. They were pretty well the same as my own. I did take lots of pictures so I will post some more later. And I might tell you what I did that was so stupid.

  7. Steve_C

    BB – Thanks. That was the conclusion I came to. I did take other shots that I can play around with but this was the best (I think) and I like it the way it is.

    I can’t tell you how pleased I am that my digi-scoping kit seems to work so well.

  8. Steve_C

    Sandi _ I’ll post another shot of the bird that is cropped tighter but I’m going to leave this one as it is. Thanks for visiting :-)

    Anni – Thanks…. I will 😉

    Silvia & Roantrum – Many thanks. I’m glad you like it.

  9. Steve_C

    TLQ – Okay, I’ll tell all. I walked long and hard (for me) today and I took a lot of photos. When I got back to my car I put my telescope and tripod into the boot. Then my binoculars and the DSLR with macro lens attached. I then reached around to take off my rucksack (camera bag)…….

    There was no rucksack. I had taken it off when photographing the woodpecker and I hadn’t put it back on. It had ALL my other gear in it. I hadn’t seen it for over an hour and it was more than a mile away from my car.

    It’s many years since I ran anywhere but I did run today…. All the way back to the woodpecker location. It was still there….. phew….

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