22x36S Camo Binocular Telescopes Optical ZOOM Lens Military/Army Outdoor Hunting

♥ Magnification: 22 x power, brings objects 22 times closer. Fully multi-coated blue lens to achieve outstanding performance by minimizing light reflection, increasing light transmission and brightness. You can see a distant object even when it is getting fairly dark. ♥ Objective lens diameter: 36mm. Possibly one of the largest objective lenses for such a compact type of binoculars. This new design feature provides a sharper and clearer image, and works very well even at low lighting level. ♥ Large eyepieces: 30mm in diameter. This binoculars are featured with larger eyepieces This feature provides a very comfortable view when looking through the eye lens. ♥ Adjustable focus. ♥ Field of View: 1500m/8000m ♥ Size: 135*90*45mm ♥ Prism system: Bak5 Roof Prism. ♥ Fold down rubber eyecups: Convenient for use whether or not you wear eyeglasses.

Product Features

  • Dear friend,we are looking at a high quality binoculars, with the characteristic of fine optical performance, large field of view, compact construction and beautiful outline. When observing any objects, you will have a clear, comfortable, true and stereo image.

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