5×15 inch Panorama “2017 Total Solar Eclipse” by TravLin Photography

A panoramic print of the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse taken from Garden of the Gods Recreation Area in Shawnee National Forest. This eclipse photo is printed on Fuji Pearl paper, which features a metallic, pearl-like appearance, vibrant colors and a glossy finish. This listing is for the 5×15 panorama print displayed above only. CUSTOMIZATIONS Search “Eclipse Set by … Read More

The Nuts and Bolts of Astrophotography: Hardware, Software & Images

I began this effort with simple curiosity about what’s “up there”. It turns out that there are lots of things up there, and it takes a good amount of effort and resources to view and photograph them. The first goal was to find the best telescope for my needs and budget. As I gained experience it became clear that in … Read More

Camera Guides

Product Features Learn how to take a timelapse. Learn how to change autofocus features. Learn how to properly set the white balance. And much more.

Mens Big Into Astrophotography For Lovers of Astrophotography Large Lemon

Product Features Astrophotography T Shirt, Astrophotography tshirt, Astrophotography Shirts, Funny Astrophotography Shirt. Perfect tee for your mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa, sister, brother. Passionate about Astrophotography Great gift shirt for birthdays or Christmas, or just a huge fan of Astrophotography. Some People Might Claim I Care Too Much About My Lifelong Passion of Astrophotography But if they knew me … Read More

The Deep-sky Imaging Primer, Second Edition

The book that taught thousands of people about astrophotography has been completely revised and updated in this second edition. It covers everything you need to know to capture stunning images of deep-sky objects with a DSLR or CCD camera: The fundamental concepts of imaging and their impact on the final image How to pick a telescope and camera How to … Read More

ETX Boys Cotton Underwear Boxers Briefs,Set of 5 (11-14yrs, PackB)

One package includes 5 packs. Materials : 95% Cotton , 5% Spandex Size guide: 1-2 Years,Weight:22lb-28.6lb; 2-3 Years, Weight:29.7lb-35lb; 3-4 Years, Weight:36lb-41lb; 5-6 Years, Weight:42lb-50lb; 7-8 Years, Weight:51lb-59lb; 9-10 Years, Weight:60lb-77lb; 11-14 Years,Weight:78lb-99lb. Product Features Materials : 95% Cotton , 5% Spandex Each package has 5 underwears, color as shown in the picture Very soft and comfortable Size guide: 1-2 … Read More

Watts ETX-15 2.1-Gallon Non-Potable Expansion Tank for Hydronic Heating Systems

Use the Watts series ET water expansion tank in tandem with your hot water heater to absorb increased water volume resulting from hot water boiler heating and keep system pressure below the relief setting. Use in closed-loop, non potable water heating systems. Durable steel tank with 60 psi maximum working pressure. Product Features For use in closed-loop, non-potable water heating … Read More