Generic Newtonian Reflector Telescope Spider W/ Secondary Mirror Holder F/ 12″ Caliber

This item will fit a 12 inch Caliber Holder diameter: 45mm Holder Material: Aluminum Bracket Structure: 8 support piece Cross arranged = high stability under high load Bracket Material: 1mm thickness glassy carbon fiber= high strength and toughness Adjustment: a pull four = adjusted easily and quickly 305=12″ Newtonian Reflector caliber,the length of the bracket: 330mm detail as picture show. … Read More

B3XED 1.25″ ED MC 3x Telescope Barlow by DVLP (BRLWED3X-125) for Telescope Eyepiece

Our B3XED 1.25″ telescope barlow’s MC coatings along with its internal baffles reflect unwanted stray light resulting in better color correction and optimal performance. Product Features ED(extra low dispersion) quality optics multi-coated on all air to glass surfaces Compatible with all telescope designs Perfect for moon, planetary and terrestrial observing, astrophotography and terrestrial photography Accepts a standard 1.25″ eyepiece, camera … Read More

AmScope MD1000-CCD 1024 x 768 Digital CCD Microscope Camera for Still and Video Images, 40x Magnification, Built-in 0.5x Reduction Lens, Eye Tube or C-Mount, USB 2.0 Output, Includes Software

This is a CCD microscope camera that features upgraded electronics, streamlined software, and a compact design with smaller dimensions and reduced weight. Featuring built-in C-mount compatibility and 23mm reduction lens adapter, this camera can be attached to any instrument with a C-mount or a 23mm photo port, including microscopes, telescopes, endoscopes, and etc. The camera’s optics offers 1024×768 pixel resolution, … Read More

AmScope 5.0 MP USB Still & Live Video Microscope Imager Digital Camera + Calibration Kit

This 5MP microscope digital camera has a unique design that includes a USB cable, two adapters and a calibration kit. The digital camera captures still images, streams live videos on your computers, and is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. The user-friendly software for Windows offers advanced features including Stitching, EDF (Extended Depth of Focus), video recording, and measurement functions. Live video … Read More