2015 Calendars of NASA Space Posters with 12 Professional Astronomy Photographs from Hubble Space Telescope. Calendar is 11×17 inches. Each photograph is 11×8.5 inches. Bonus Package contains two (2) calendars excellent as Christmas Gifts

2015 Calendar of professional quality photographs from the Hubble Space Telescope printed on coated heavy duty cardstock. This is a set of two(2) calendars perfect for giving as holiday gifts. Included are 12 different images including: Orion Nebula, Eskimo Nebula, Super-giant star Monocerotis, Celestial Fireworks, Rose of Galaxies, Omega-Swan Nebula, and Crab Nebula.

Product Features

  • Professional Quality Hubble Space Telescope Photographs
  • Calendar Size is 11×17 inches, photograph size is 8.5×11 inches
  • Set of two (2) calendars – perfect for Holiday gifts
  • Printed on coated heavy cardstock (not paper)
  • 12 different breathtaking photographs

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