ExtremeBeam M4 Scirrako Tactical Flashlight

Whether you are a high-end hunter with a.50 cal., an avid outdoorsman, or just need a dependable flashlight, the M4 Scirrako is the light for you. The waterproof M4 Scirrako has advanced beyond previous models with an unbelievable 330 meter (1090 foot) range and a tune-focusable LED beam. The M4 Scirrako has 2 brightness modes and one hyper flash mode, … Read More

Orion 7749 Safety Film Solar Filter for 8-Inch Reflector Telescopes

The Orion Safety Film Solar Filter for 8 Reflector Telescopes is made with high-quality Baader Astro Solar Safety Film, which is made specifically for safe observation of the Sun through a telescope. Using this streak-free and blister-free film filter is an affordable and safe way to observe sunspots, solar eclipses and planetary transits of our Sun. When using the filter … Read More

I Survived Chemistry Men’s Tee Shirt Medium-Black

Great looking 100% cotton shirt. Please refer to our sizing chart for measurements.This design also available as a women’s tee shirt and a men’s hoodie and sweat shirt in our other amazon.com listings. Product Features Machine wash and dry

Super Earth; NASA Space Spitzer Telescope, 8 X 10 Color

First-of-Its-Kind Glimpse at a Super Earth. Super Earths are exotic planets unlike any in our solar system. They are more massive than Earth yet lighter than gas giants like Neptune, and they can be made of gas, rock or a combination of both. This is a fantastic image directly from NASA’s archives and shows the wonders of the universe. This … Read More

Galaxy Messier 101 NASA Space Spitzer Telescope, 8 X 10 Color photo

Spitzer Space Telescope’s View of Galaxy Messier 101. The galaxy Messier 101 is a swirling spiral of stars, gas, and dust. Messier 101 is nearly twice as wide as our Milky Way galaxy. This is a fantastic image directly from NASA’s archives and shows the wonders of the universe. This is an 8×10″ photo each image is printed on E-Surface … Read More

CafePress Solar System Toddler T-Shirt – 3T Baby Blue

Solar System Infant/Toddler T-Shirt with beautiful Astronomy and Space pictures- a great Astronomy and Space gift – by Spacemart, a Hubble Space Telescope Online Giftshop Product Features Our 100% cotton toddler tee will look great on your little ones. 5.5 oz. Standard fit

Celestron Solar powered mobile device charger

Celestron’s innovative InfiniSun solar panel and charger includes a robust 6000 mAh rechargeable battery capable of charging smart phones, iPods, tablets, and more. InfiniSun is a must-have for camping trips, travel, emergency kits, and more. Enjoy your devices worry-free, knowing you can recharge them any time with clean, solar energy. When InfiniSun’s battery runs low, plug it into any USB … Read More

TwinStar White 90mm iOptron Computerized GPS Equatorial Cassegrain Telescope

This 90mm Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope is a fully GoTo telescope. It’s on board computer knows the night sky. Just power it on and your telescope will be ready to take you on a tour of the universe. This telescope has a folding optical assembly that uses a combination of mirrors and lenses to pack an incredible 1200mm focal length in a … Read More