Celestron SkyProdigy 90 50×165 Telescope

A truly revolutionary product with ground breaking technology, Sky Prodigy is the product of a culmination of decades of telescope advancements. It combines electronic motors, an intelligent on-board computer, a digital camera and Star Sense technology to create an automatic, instant alignment telescope that requires no input from the user. Simply turn it on, push a button and enjoy the … Read More

Gorilla Playsets Telescope Color: Yellow

This novelty telescope is designed for use with any of the fun and exciting Gorilla Playset playground systems. The durable polyethylene design is available in your choice of green, blue, or yellow. All the hardware you need to install it is included. Product Features Telescope toy for use with Gorilla playground equipment / Weight: 2.5 lbs. Durable polyethylene design Clear … Read More

Transit of Venus, 8 June 2004

In June of 2004, the tiny disc of Venus passed in front of the sun’s disc, and I was there to capture it. I was not quite out of bed for ingress, but this is a photo from pretty close to maximum transit. I have projected the image of the sun onto a piece of tracing paper taped to a … Read More

Orion 8242 5mm Stratus Wide-Field Eyepiece

Enjoy a wide-field window into the heavens served up by Stratus eyepieces. With an apparent field of 68-degrees — which translates to a 71% greater viewing area than that of a typical Plossl — Stratus eyepieces quite literally put more stars in your eyes. In the same way you feel more a part of the action watching a big-screen TV, … Read More


362/365 Oh hey telescope, you’ll do fine for a massive telephoto lens. Formspring | Tumblr Please, if you’re going to blog my photos do so by reblogging from my Tumblr. I like to keep track of where my photos are being used, so I’d be really grateful if you helped me out .

ISS July 28th

The International space station above Buenos Aires on July 28th. Coming from some angles it looks like a TIE fighter. Skymax 127 scope (5”) with 4x barlow lens (6000mm FL). A very difficult shot because of the speed of the ISS and the long focal length, manually aiming is really hard and from 200 shots I only rescued this one.


One morning after trying to spot comet Lovejoy I noticed the dawn sky was casting an interesting light down into San Antonio Valley, so I pointed my telescope in that direction. This was effectively a 770 mm lens at f/7 – though I probably also had a 1.2 teleconverter on it – can’t remember.

Milky Way mosaic

Here’s my first attempt at a widefield mosaic. This was taken from my cottage about 2 hours from Toronto. It’s a composite of 5 images, each consisting of a stack of 3 180-second exposures (9 minutes total) at ISO800. I used the crappy 18-55mm kit lens (@ 21mm, f3.5) that comes with the Canon 350D. Tracking was accomplished with a … Read More

18x Optical Zoom Telescope Camera Lens with Tripod For Phone iPhone 5/5s

Specification: Minimum focus distance: 3m Angel of view: 70 degree Filed view: 246M Objective Lens Diameter: 21mm Material: Aluminum Shell + Optical Glass Elements Package Include: 1 * 18X Zoom Magnifier Micro Telescope Camera Lens 1 * Mini Tripod 1 * Cleaning cloth 1 * Bag 1 * Case cover(Phone not included) Product Features Makes distant view for you with … Read More