The Black Series 50X/100X Telescope

For: The Nature Lover This lightweight telescope is perfect for outdoorsy types who enjoy sleeping under the night sky (and those who like looking at the constellations from the comfort of their bedroom windows). Not only do the interchangeable 50X and 100X lenses make stargazing easy, but also the quick screw-type assembly doesn’t require any tools. Product Features Amazing stargazing, … Read More

Einstein’s Telescope: The Hunt for Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the Universe

Cutting-edge astrophysics that builds on Einstein’s theories to find the unseen matter that fills the Universe. Dark energy. Dark matter. These strange and invisible substances don’t just sound mysterious: their unexpected appearance in the cosmic census is upending long-held notions about the nature of the Universe. Astronomers have long known that the Universe is expanding, but everything they could see … Read More

Bushnell Sportview 15-45×50 Spotting Scope with Tripod and Case

Sportview Zoom Spotting Scopes features versatile three times zoom ratio. Sportview Spotting Scopes have earned their reputation for top value and are great for target shooters, hunters, wildlife observers and birders.”I spy with my little eye….” Get a better view of what’s around you when you turn the focus on this lightweight field-spotting scope. It’s great for a close-up examination … Read More

Discover the Universe (Bushnell Telescope Guidebook)

Contents: Galileo, understanding your telescope, how your telescope works, using your telescope, exploring the galaxy, how to build an astronomer’s catalog, recognizing the brighter stars, an astronomical glossary, the Bushnell Warranty.

Hubble space telescope

Well, a copy thereof. National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC

Telescope on the Eiffel Tower, Paris

The views from the Eiffel Tower are spectacular without the telescope, but a look through the lense reveals some of the hidden secrets of the streets below. Brought to you by the Oh-Paris blog. Planning to visit the city but need help looking for accommodation? Visit All Paris Apartments for an impressive selection of apartments and hotels to suit all … Read More

Neewer Telescope 8X Zoom Telephoto Long Focal Camera Lens Tripod for iPhone 4 4S, Includes Universal Holder, Mini Tripod, Cleaning cloth and Case (Black)

Outfit your Beloved I-Phone with this new Photo Package, and watch your iPhone develop into this Super Camera! Simply attach the Lens and the Camera on Phone will take Crystal Clear Pictures from your Favorite People or Moments. The 5 inch mini tripod will hold the phone steady at the best angle. Affordable and extremely user Friendly, this is ideal … Read More

The moon

Shot with my Canon Rebel XTi and Celestron NexStart 102 SLT telescope

Flame and Horsehead nebula

Photo of the flame and horsehead nebulas taken with a Canon 300D on a Celestron C6-N telescope. Telescope was guided using a Meade 70AZ-Z and SPC900NC webcam using PHD Guiding. Previous picture had the wrong darks and offsets applied. I retook the darks to match and things seem to be a bit better. Details: 67 x 90s lights (ISO1600) 20 … Read More

Pleiades (Messier 45, M45)

30 90 second (@ISO800) subexposures of the Pleiades were taken with a Canon 300D at prime focus on a Celestron C6-N telescope. The 30 sub exposures were sigma median stacked in Iris. Curves, gradient removal and noise reduction was done in Photoshop. Poor transparency and some due contributed a bit to the blue halos around the stars, but you still … Read More