Hubble Space Telescope.

I always get asked how big the Hubble Space telescope.. well, here’s a full model at the Air and Space Museum. The MOST satellite ( ) is half the size of me!

DOWN TO BUSINESS – Telescope Consumer Guidebook

Are you in the market for a new telescope? Don’t buy anything before reading this guide! Discover: – What is the most important thing to look for when buying a new telescope – How much to pay for your first telescope – What’s the best telescope for each specific purpose – What’s more important: aperture or magnification? – And more… … Read More

Bestop® 39461-15 TrailMax II Pro Black Denim Front Vinyl with Fabric Insert High Back Driver-side Jeep Seat for 76-06 Jeep CJ and Wrangler

Bestop® TrailMax II Pro Black Denim Vinyl with Fabric Insert Front Driver-side Front Jeep Seat has all our premium features including higher-profile bolsters, sculpted lumbar support and easy lever-operated seat back adjustability. Trimmed, elastic mesh map pocket on seat back for handy storage. Sold as driver-side or passenger-side seat. 97-02 models require Seat Adapter Bracket 51256-01 per seat; 03-06 models … Read More

Jupiter animation 12/1/2013

View video version of animation here: Right click and choose original size to view animation! Transparency was quite variable and I am surprised I was able to get as many good frames out of it. Celestron C8 + 2x barlow + ASI120MC

ED80 + Starshoot Pro How to Connect

The large format Starshoot Pro, and Orion ED80 connect easily using a 2 inch adapter tube. This ‘shopped’ image of my ‘Pro and ED80 show how easy, and lots of good back focus travel to ensure focus. Sharing it here in case anyone else needs to understand how these items connect.

m81 Galaxy

Messier 81 (also known as NGC 3031 or Bode’s Galaxy) is a spiral galaxy about 12 million light-years away in the constellation Ursa Major. Due to its proximity to Earth, large size and active galactic nucleus (which harbors a 70 million M☉ super-massive black hole), Messier 81 has been studied extensively(Wikipedia) it has magnitude 7. 8.5 min. total light exposure. … Read More


By request, my pet fish "Helicopter" and "Buddy" –they’re both Fancy Goldfish of the Black Moor (eek!) variety.


The seeing wasn’t as good as last time, but the transparency was much better so I could use up more of the histogram without lowering the exposure too much. Stacked 1700 out of 3000 this time, that allowed me to process it a bit more aggressively. Post processing done in Photoshop and resized to 150%.

Disney Jake and the Never Land Pirates Bath Time Adventure Playset, 5 pc

Disney Jake and the Never Land Pirates Bath Time Adventure Playset, 5 pc. Get Ready for adventure in your next bath with the Disney Jake and the Never Land Pirates Bath Time Adventure Playset. Set sail in the tub. Disney Jake and the Never Land Pirates Bath Time Adventure Playset. Includes: One tattoo; 6.7-ounce body wash; foam bandana and sword; … Read More