BARSKA Heart Rate Monitor Watch

To get the most out of your workout, you need to train at the proper intensity. This Barska Cardio Heart Monitor Watch gives you crucial information about your training regimen. This versatile tool keeps track of your average, maximum and target heart rates so you know at a glance how you’re performing. It also provides a calorie counter and a … Read More

SOUTH Reflectorless 5″ Total Station NTS-355R

SOUTH NTS-355R reflector-less total station is very convenient for distance measurement to hard accessible objects like telegraph poles, dam walls,tunnels, roofs, etc. Reflector-less distance max range is 300m.; 1 prism and 3 prisms max range is 5km./ 6km. respectively. The station has special surveying programs, such as remote height measurement, offset measurement, remote distance measurement, stake-out, resection, area calculation, road … Read More

Fancy Goldfish Aquarium [Download]

Fancy Gold Fish Aquarium features selected goldfish species like the Lionchu Goldfish, Crown Goldfish, Chinese Goldfish, Telescopeeye Goldfish, Tamasaba Goldfish, Ryukin Goldfish, Black Moor Goldfish, Shubunkin Goldfish, Bubble eye, Fantail, Lionchu, Oranda, Panda Moor, Pearlscale, Pompom, Ranchu, Ryukin, Telescope Eye, Tosakin, and Veil tail Goldfish in clear water and well planted aqua scape with natural plants. They are very beautiful … Read More