Starmaster 7″ telescope mirror self portrait

Looking down the tube of a 7" Starmaster portable telescope (Dobsonian). My forehead, eyes, and nose are visible in the mirror, upside-down, of course. Waiting for the crescent phase of Venus.

Two Dob Night

Took my two dobsonian scopes out last night for some astronomy fun. Bagged a bunch of objects and it was nice to do some visual as opposed to astrophotography for a change.


Hogweed – Heracleum, a very nasty plant, can cause severe phytophotodermatitis if the sap gets on human skin, but it’s huge so very attractive to people, especially kids who think of using it as a telescope or pea shooter. The parks board person who was nearby said they know about it and are waiting for special clothing to arrive before … Read More

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Moon with mobile1

Shot from my kitchen window via Meade Telescope and Nokia E72 held up to the Eyepiece. Go out and do something (or in my case, sit at home and have the telescope look out the window), it doesn’t need to be a Hubble shot!

Meade 07735 Series 5000 1.25-Inch HD-60 25-Millimeter Eyepiece (Black)

The Meade 07735 Series 5000 1.25-Inch HD-60 25-Millimeter Eyepiece has a large 60-degree apparent field of view and a tack sharp, flat field of view. With a 1.25-inch barrel and adjustable twist-up rubber eye guards for maximum comfort. This item includes a 6-element, multi-coated optical design with premium-grade optical glass and blackened lens edges for greater contrast that removes stray … Read More